Ilaria Bichi Ruspoli
Art Historian and Guide

A cultural key for your vacation in Tuscany

Growing up in the incomparable landscape of Val d'Orcia (Southern Tuscany), fully immersed in an environment steeped in history, art, a glorious heritage and a defined identity, led me to study Art History in Siena, acquiring in-depth knowledge of the background of this magic and blessed land. Sharing this knowledge with visitors from all over the world became my profession.

I offer personalized tours on art, archeology, local traditions, food and specialities with a particular historical approach, enjoying the present while understanding the past. Upon request I can give lectures at your place to introduce the area. Highly recommended: a tour of the backstage of Siena, to discover the old city and the secrets of the Palio, a visit to a private garden and a historical residence, a tour of the small walled towns in Val d'Orcia and their artistic treasures, to experience what has become an authentic lifestyle.