Puscina Flowers
Workshop for creatives, flower lovers and professionals

Puscina Flower Farm is the first sustainable farm and floral design studio in Tuscany, specialized in cultivating local and ancient flower varieties.

Our idea comes from the belief that everyone needs more flowers in their lives, more nature and experience of the wild, more beauty.

Laura, Mara and Teresa

In our garden we grow over 200 species and 400 varieties of flowers and foliage that reflect the smell and colour of the season. At the centre of our work there is a continuous search to find the best varieties of cut flowers, coveted for their perfume, their ephemeral qualities and their delicate shapes.
Naturally grown flowers are very different from those that are commonly available on the market. They are beautifully imperfect, delicate; they have character and nothing in common with the rigidly impeccable flowers grown on a large scale.

In this experience you will have the opportunity to explore an incredible variety of local flowers, ancient and unusual varieties. You will learn the basic techniques of cutting and caring for cut flowers and have the opportunity to gather the components of your floral creation.
We look forward to welcoming you to the garden, where you will be free to explore and collect an incredible variety of local flowers, ancient and unusual varieties, and unleash your creativity to experiment a world of movement , colour and shape.
Take your time and enjoy an incredible view over the Tuscan countryside tasting a selection of simple and fresh flavours made with local ingredients.

Available months: from May to October
Maximum number of participants: 12 pax
Minimum number of partecipants: 5 pax
Workshop from 10:30am to 2:00pm The price includes flowers and foliage for your creations, lunch in the garden and a gift of mixed flower seeds.
Reservations are requiested.

  • Azienda Agricola Puscina
    Podere Puscina 65, SS146, Montefollonico,
    Torrita di Siena (Si)